2 Minute Rule

Karl Faase came to our Pastors Conference two years ago and he gave us some great tips. One of them was the 2 minute rule. If someone has a task for you that they want doing, and need doing, and it is only a 2-5 minute task….then do it straight away. Making someone wait for something which may hold them up, and is only going to take a few moments of your time….

Its a great principle, especially applicable for me in Pastoral Ministry. There are many ‘big’ projects that need doing that it can be easy to dismiss the small task. But the small task may not be small to someone you are frustrating….

2 thoughts on “2 Minute Rule”

  1. Yeah I have lived by that rule for the last two years as well. There was also another that I have found so helpful: “Don’t remember anything! Write it down!”
    These two pearls have been so useful, and for someone who is pretty hopeless when it comes to task management they’ve been God sends.

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