How to vote

Had a good discussion on politics last night at blokes group.

There is a lot of discussion on politics, particularly amongst American Christians, at the moment. Some will vehemently say that a Christian should not vote for Obama. Others, in smaller numbers, will give reasons why a Christian should vote against Romney.

But it is the dogmatic assertions of these Christians that concerns me. There is something unsettling about a minister, someone who preaches the word of God, in the next breathe give his view on who you should vote for. Because who you should vote for is not the gospel. It may be a considered view taken after prayer, reading the bible and checking out the candidates views….but it is not the gospel.

Equally prayerful and reflective people may find compelling reasons why they are voting for the alternative candidate….and who is anyone to say they are wrong?

A Minister must preach the word, in season and out. When he uses the same platform to espouse political views, it is dangerous ground….in my view.

That’s why we have a clear policy at my Church, no politicians in the pulpit, no endorsement of any candidate publicly.

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