What will people say of you?

I attended the funeral today of someone I deeply respected. We did not always agree, but he supported me at a very difficult time in my life, and treated me with respect and honour. I always appreciated his influence and leadership in my life.

His funeral was very well attended and many people spoke of his sense of humour and love. It appeared to me that he finished his race very well. In fact, without knowing all the details, it seemed the last 7 years of his life was a ‘Kairos’ time. That is…a time when God divinely chose to use him to care for and love many people and children. Those who are approaching their senior years should take note, God has not finished with you yet!

It got me thinking, what will people say of us when we are gone? It is a important question I think. Not that we seek people’s approval, but we all live in relationship, and how we treat others is the most important aspect of our lives along with how we treat our Creator. I want to think the best of people, love them, and treat them with respect. That is not always what I do, but it is my intent. I also want to be known as someone who passionately cared about the destiny of those who do not yet know the joy of knowing Jesus as I do. It is why I do what I do. I don’t always get it right, that is for sure. And often I find myself doubting myself.

But then I remember that word, Kairos. It is a Greek word which means ‘divine time’. There have been times when God has chosen to use me, despite the fact I often find attitudes and behaviours within myself that disappoint me. . At those times, when God’s grace and favour shine through, I think, this is what I was made for.

May people say of me, he loved Jesus, he loved his family, he persevered and loved the church, he loved people.

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