Heard a great message from Lee Sykes on the weekend. Melinda and I attended Cornerstone Church in Busselton (Here) Lee is a acquaintance, someone who has moved in similar circles to me, but I have not seen him for a long time.

As a Pastor, we could learn from his style. It is really interesting visiting another church. Just as a painter may watch another painter at work, I couldn’t help but observe Lee at his craft. He was warm, open and friendly. One thing which cannot be faked is your relationship with kids, they know what you are really like. As the kids filed out to Kids Church, they all high fived Lee. It was not in a grandiose way, but they just liked him, and he liked them.

Lee gave an interesting and challenging message based around Exodus 32. He likened impatience to idolatry. If we can’t trust God’s timing, we think we know better…was basically how I interpreted and re-imagined what he was saying.

If you are ever in Busselton on holidays or to live, Cornerstone would be worth a visit.

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