Email is like, so yesterday

Email, once the bastion of youth, is now being confined to work and old people.
Young folk are much more likely to be quickly developing arthritis from SMSing or more likely using msn.


I have recently started (I know I know, its been around for ages) using MSN.
Now all I have to do is get Michael Bullard to start using it and I will save him about $10 a week in stamps, yes stamps. Michael has been training up some pidgeons for a rainy day, just in case. His back is not getting any younger either, and carrying that laptop battery around is causing him to stoop.

2 thoughts on “Email is like, so yesterday”

  1. Povokest thou me deliberately?
    BTS – the power supply of the laptop is now gone – 10 kg off my desk.
    The new one is much smaller, though not as small as many.

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