Go Pro Hero 3 White

Some parents invest in musical instruments for their children. Others invest in language lessons, or expensive sporting gear. But all parents would agree that we need to be students of our own children. They are all different, and require a varied approach to see them become all they can.

My son has a keen eye for a story, how people work and an image. He seems to have an innate sense for what is going on. In short, he is sensitive.

He loves making movies and using video. So this Christmas my wife and I invested in a Action Camera for him. After doing my research it seemed that Go Pro was the standard by which all others are judged.

After leaving the present buying till the last few days before Christmas was it any wonder that I could not find one for love or money? I rang about 10 camera and dive stores chasing one and the answer was the same, “you wont get one in Perth until mid January at the earliest. It has been the biggest seller and we sold out weeks ago”.

I did not give up though and thanks to the power of Twitter I found one at Harvey Norman O Connor. A bit of a drive but I secured it. What an amazing piece of gear. Waterproof to 60 metres, compact, high definition video. What else is impressive is the way the Camera has its own wifi signal, enabling you to pair it with your Ipod or Iphone or Tablet. This means you can control and view the camera wirelessly, anywhere.

My son has already taken it swimming, and the video and sound…yes sound…quality is outstanding. The water bubbles, the noise of the water in the pool…incredible. The ability to control it wirelessly…amazing. It is small, but the quality is very good. It comes with the basics, except a micro sd card, which they really should include. You can also buy all sorts of accessories so you can attach it to just about anything. Like your bullbar, helmet, surfboard, bicycle.

Looking forward to seeing what he does with it.

3 thoughts on “Go Pro Hero 3 White”

  1. I saw some clips using these the other week (using a surfing clip as an illustration-fun work!) Amazingly clear picture with vivid colour.
    I wants one…….Though have no real use for it.

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