Choosing not to take offense

It seems to me that there are some people who revel in taking offense.

Whether it be a perceived slight, not being included or something you say, their nature resembles that of a porcupine. Don’t get too close or you will get hurt.

Its a shame to live that way. To always be thinking that someone is going to offend you, and steeling yourself for that.

I used an illustration once at church which basically said that often we will look or observe a situation, word, conversation, and tell ourselves a story about that. That story we tell ourselves may or may not be reality. For instance I may see someone come into the room with a foul look on their face and assume they are mad at me. There may be 20 other people in the room, and they may have just copped a speeding ticket, but some will be sure that they are mad at them.

Life is too short to take offense easily. Being a quick forgiver, and not holding grudges is a much more healthy and happy way to live.

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