Journeying in Ministry

I have many friends who are pastors. Some of them I have traveled with for many years. Others are new friends.

Some of the ones who started out as the best students at college, the brightest and most ambitious, have taken a different path. Some even left the faith.

Some have fallen in other ways, moral ways.

Some have grown tired of the politics, the fuss, the complaints, boards who think they are there to boss the pastor around, not empower him/her for ministry.

For some the strain on family was too much to bear. The sniping, the pay, the difficulties meant that another form of employment was preferable.

Some were just not meant to be in ministry in the first place. Grandiose or naive thoughts of what ministry was going to be were quickly brought to reality.

There are a myriad of reasons people leave the pastorate. Sometimes great reasons, sometimes perplexing.

Either way, you learn to appreciate those who have stuck it out and journeyed with you. You learn to care for and love those who at the moment find themselves out of ministry, but want to get back in. You understand those who have left and never want to come back.

Having been a pastor for the majority of my working life, and having no intention of leaving the ministry, you learn to appreciate the uniqueness of the role, and those who attempt to live it.

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