Has Ross Lyon got the mix right?

It is a pretty good start to the year. Beating the mob from down the road is always good. But I hope we have bigger birds to fry this year.

Here are some thoughts I am pondering.

1. Is Jonathon Griffin the most underrated Ruckman in the AFL?
After comprehensively toweling up AA Ruckman Dean Cox in the absence of Sandilands, it might be time for him to get some more recognition. Tick for whoever made the decision to keep him on last year.

2. Is Nic Suban about to have a break out year?
After periods of injury, and having to wear the Sub jacket to many games, perhaps his four quarter effort, including 3 goals, might see Nic become a regular player.

3. Is Danyl Pearce the shrewdest pick up for 2013?
His presence and pace on Saturday night was telling. Having to decide who to tag out of Hill, Fyfe and now Pearce is going to cause some headaches to opposition coaches.

4. Can we keep up the intensity?
Keeping the ball in your own forward 50 has become a mark of a well coached and disciplined Fremantle side under Ross Lyon. I hope the intensity can be kept up because if it is, Fremantle will win more games than lose in 2013.

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