So mean spirited

Rick Warrens much loved son passed away recently, at his own hand. After a long battle with depression and mental illness.

Rick is one of the most social media savvy pastors there is. His influence is profound.
He is perhaps one of the most influential religious practitioners in the world.

All I have seen of him causes me to respect his ministry. He was at the forefront of Christians getting involved in Aids research, before it was trendy to do so. He reaches out to all political spheres. Yet he has not compromised his Christian faith or beliefs to do so.

But there have been so many who have chosen this sensitive time to condemn, judge and post spiteful comments directed towards him from behind the safety of their keyboards.

Shame on you, you pharisees.

One thought on “So mean spirited”

  1. I really admire that guy too even though I am not much of living the Christian life unlike others around me does. I know for sure his son is in good hands now.

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