Silly chance

Freo heave ho!!!
We are a silly chance to beat the Crows this week, especially with this news, just in….
“Mark Ricciuto, Adelaide, has accepted a one-game sanction for striking James Clement, Collingwood, during the first quarter of the Round 18 match between Adelaide and Collingwood, played at AAMI Stadium on Saturday August 5, 2005.”

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3 thoughts on “Silly chance”

  1. As the WC Eagles steam toward glory that counts, it would be nice if the Shockers could please play the crows hard.

    That most seasons the Dockers play (and lose) two derby’s against WC with all their heart and soul is fantastic, but the other rounds of the season make us begin to wonder if the Shockers are just nasty WA hating tall poppy loppers.

    For the Shockers to back up the 5 streak with a massive effort and win against the Crows will go a long long way to giving them some credibility…

  2. actually anonynous, since Connolly has started coaching Freo, the record is about half and half.

    Lets hope the WC train does not run out of steam like it did last year, when it counted 🙂

    (Actually lets hope it does!! I’m a tall poppy lopper from way back 🙂 )

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