Some people do not put much emphasis or priority on preaching in Church.

That is a discussion for another day.

What I do believe though is that preaching is not about the preacher. It is about the audience. Does it really matter how well exegeted the passage is, how well you have parsed the verbs? Does anyone really care how well you have researched the context? Don’t hear me dismissing any of that as unnecessary or irrelevant. It is just that it pales into insignificance compared to the main point.

The main point is transformation, change in the audience.

Information is only useful as it leads to transformation.

What this means is that you as a preacher are only important insofar as you bring the word, and the power of the word empowered by the Spirit.

As far as I will go publicly in critiquing other ministers, with no names, sometimes the more conservative elements of the Church are more concerned about feeding the fat flock. Presenting the gospel in interesting and theologically correct ways than they are with seeing those folk exhorted to get out there.

As much as the more conservative elements of Church like to criticize those who they see as ‘charismatic’ or ’emotional’ I want to say this. Jesus was emotional, prophetic and downright annoying. The crowds left because He called them to service. In fact I wonder if many in today’s Church would have left because ‘He was not feeding me enough”.

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