A strategic plan to reach Perth

This is going to be a frank but short post.

How many more churches do we need in Joondalup and Malaga? None I reckon.

How many do we need in the harder areas to plant churches? Lots I reckon.

Who is going to go into a tough area and stay there for 20 years, and see God’s light brought to the people who no one else wants?

I reckon we need a strategic plan which simply grabs a map of Perth and puts lighthouses or hospitals representing the active and missional churches. Then look at where the dark underserviced areas are. And make a 20 year plan to see churches planted in those areas, with effective, young, fit, well resourced and passionate people leading them. And those of us who can throw resources at it to see it happen, will.

Too many fat churches in Perth looking after themselves I reckon. (Ouch)

9 thoughts on “A strategic plan to reach Perth”

  1. Love this idea.

    Before you hang it on the churches in Joondalup and Malaga too much; a lot of the Joondalup ones at least are there because they were established churches elsewhere, and the commercial/industrial area is the only nearby place they could move to when they outgrew wherever they were, fair’s fair (and this is what led to the current somewhat ridiculous situation where there are two AOG churches on the same street 100m from each other; along with two other churches from different pentecostal denominations in approximately the same area – from all reports all of these churches are relatively healthy and doing good things though!). But yes, because of this, probably not an area needing too many new churches.

    But yes, brilliant idea. What are the areas/regions you see as needing more churches?

  2. Yes…I hope I don’t come off being overtly critical of churches. That is not my intention. It is rather that just because something is easier, that is not a good reason to do it. The reason there is many churches in Malaga and Joondalup is because of local council restrictions. I am concerned about other areas which we neglect because it all seems too hard.

    I agree with Steves comments that we need more churches in the eastern suburbs like Midlands, Guildford etc.

  3. I’m a resident in one of those eastern suburbs. I’ve had personal experience of seeing churches rise and fail in areas like this. I can tell you that it is tough ground and we need people here for the long haul. Church planting in areas like Midland etc will be tough, difficult, and absolutely necessary. It needs denominational and local church support that is committed to the long haul.

  4. I could ask you the same question Jermayn…but if you knew the history and future plans of Inglewood, you might have the answer…

  5. But I don’t know the history and future plans of Inglewood….. might have to visit…..

    So Jermayn, what exactly are you going to do about it? If you start a church, I’ll help you.

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