Great Christmas at Inglewood Community Church

We had a great Christmas at Inglewood Church.

We decorated our new factory building and had our services there. The building is in no way ready, but it was fun to have a taste of what it will be like to have our own building. Hope2013

One of the wonderfully creative ladies at the church designed and made these great letters spelling out HOPE to go with our December theme and the focus of our Christmas.

Hope1 Hope2


Our focus was to raise some funds for the Baptist World Aid project in partnership with Freeset. They raise funds for women caught in the sex trade. You can watch a video on it HERE

We were so blessed to raise over $2000 for this on the one day! So exciting.

The music and signing was really good, contemporary but with a nod to traditional carols, which people like. We had really good crowds in for both services and it was great to celebrate ‘Immanuel’ together.

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