Matt Price

Many of you out there in the blog kingdom may not have heard of Matt Price. Matt used to work in Perth as a journalist, but now resides in Canberra.
He is a journalist for The Australian.

Matt is a passionate Fremantle supporter and author. He pens a semi regular column in “The Australian” all about Freo. The latest one is a gem, here is a piece from it,

“Nobody exactly knows why the Dockers are suddenly playing intoxicating,
glorious, physical, daring, intense, attacking, spirited, attractive,
intelligent, skilful, creative, inspiring, formidable, intimidating,
penetrating, compelling, astonishing, rousing football, but they are and it’s
bloody wonderful.
Many Dockers fans were moved to tears by the spectacular
dismantling of Adelaide and, having strung together six-in-a-row, an absurdly
improbably top-four spot beckons. Only a fool would bet against West Coast,
Adelaide and Sydney raffling the flag, but, let’s be frank, six weeks ago only a
clinically certified moron would have foreseen Fremantle’s electrifying run. “

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  1. matt is a good journalist and a beacon considering how few high profile freo supporters there are. he wrote a good book a few years back about freo’s first 9 years.. it’s worth a read if you can find it.

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