Some recent news of a very sick relative has reminded me again of the preciousness of time.

None of us know how long we have.

The plans we make are merely plans.

‘If time allows it’ is the caveat on everything we plan.

I have sensed lately that my time with my son has not been precious as it has been in the past. He is growing up so fast. And so much is going through his mind that I have no idea about.
If I fail with him, I have failed. Nothing else will matter much.

One thought on “Time”

  1. Thanks for your post. I don’t think anyone ever said at the end of their life “I wished I had spent more time at work…”. It’s all too easy to get our priorities out of whack.

    At an Emmaus weekend they have a talk on priorities, and it finishes with this thought:
    – What do you think about?
    – Where do you spend your time?
    – Where do you spend your money?
    -> That is your priority.

    Sobering thought. That makes me sit up and take notice of what’s important, and subconsciously what I think is important.

    Children grow up too fast. Both of mine are now young adults at university – doesn’t seem that long ago I was walking them to primary school. I made the choice early on to be involved with their lives, and think the way my sons have grown into fine young men is a testament to that.

    It’s never too late to start getting involved!

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