The past month at church I have been speaking on money. It has been a spiritually taxing time. No question.

Leading into our giving day which occured last Sunday. Having never conducted a giving campaign, but needing to do so for our new building, it stressed and prodded me in areas I was not comfortable in. I am not the type of Pastor who is comfortable asking people to give. I can passionately share vision, but when it comes to the ‘hard sell’ it is not something I am comfortable with. Other church cultures seem to do it with ease.

However I am a determined ‘life long learner’. Not for one moment do I think I have arrived as a preacher, pastor leader or inspirer. So from that point of view I am glad.

I am also glad because the church I lead is a generous and passionate one. There is so much momentum and ‘oneness’ at the moment. God is good.

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