Family Feud

I watched with dismay the trailer for the new show on Channel Ten hosted by Grant Denyer reviving ‘Family Feud’. Not because its a terrible show or a terrible host. But the question asked of Australians was, ‘where is the worst place to laugh out loud’. The number one answer was ‘Church’.

It is quite distressing to think the average Aussie thinks a church is a terrible place to laugh out loud.

At Inglewood Church one of our key five values as a church is to be ‘good humoured’.
“Humour is a key indicator of health. Our ability to laugh even when confronted with stressful and difficult situations indicates we know God is ultimately in control. Meetings should be enjoyable and conducted with good humour and mutual respect for one another”

I’ve been in churches where you could hear a pin drop, and not for good reason. Ive also been in church meetings where the mood was anything but good humoured. Thankfully those days are long ago.

I love a good laugh with my friends, and coming before God with joy. Our church is one of great humour, where we value it as something integral to our Christian journey and relationship with other.

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  1. Lesmurdie in my opinion is a happy church whether during a service or during the week at the different activities or just when the staff are at work. There is often laughter and joy in our services and certainly much laughter and joy in the building during the week.

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