Karratha Mighty Mens Conference

This past weekend we put on our Mighty Mens Event in the Northwest at a cattle station about 30 k’s out of Roebourne.

Over 50 blokes, mostly Hi-Vis wearing tradies, turned up for a weekend of spiritual input and fellowship. We shared stories of how our faith became real in tragedy, hardship, uncertainty and difficulty.

I spoke about hearing from God on the Saturday morning and it went really well. Another highlight was hearing the testimonies and stories from all the various blokes who turned up. Some had lost their wives, some had moral failures, others had experienced uncertainty with economic hardship.

These men are ‘tough’ men but here camped next to the billabong, they opened up their hearts and heard from God and each other. One of the blokes, who works hard and long hours, said it was like 6 months of church packed into a weekend. Which for him was needed and a good thing.

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