2Gether Pastors Conference

Completing the final details for the 2006 2Gether Pastors Conference.

Myself and Malcom Rule from Encounter Church do a lot of the legwork to organise this conference, in consultation with the Baptist Pastors Association, Baptist Family of Churches, Churches of Christ Ministers Network and Churches of Christ Board.

This year we have Phil Baker, Tracey Johnston and Allan Meyers speaking. They are all dealing with issues of personhood, personal courage, dealing with people.

Phil will be sharing some of his own struggles and difficulties in transitioning Riverview.

One new thing I am really looking forward to is the new intiative, “ThinkTanks”.

These are unstructured times where groups of people gather to discuss whatever issues are on their heart.

Karen Wilson will be leading one on “women in ministry”, Andrew Hamilton will be leading one on the emerging church stuff and Malcolm will be leading one on using multi media in a small church context. Others will have freedom to lead one on whatever they want.
Should be fun!

2 thoughts on “2Gether Pastors Conference”

  1. Looking forward to meeting you Craig, there will be rump steak, but you’ll have to buy your own bubbly!! 🙂

    wear your dockers shirt as well 🙂

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