Relationships are king

I was chatting to my son the other day about Social Studies, or SOS as they call it now. I loved Social Studies and English. They were my best subjects. My son is an ace at maths and science, receiving the science award this year at school with an A+

When I was in high school the thought of recieving top of the class for anything was the last thing on my mind, I just needed to get through. I think the brains skipped a generation.

But my son was bemoaning the ‘uselessness’ of social studies and history. Who cares he said!
He wants to be an engineer, or computer science or scientist. Something in that field. I said to him, you know what son, no matter what field you go into, eventually you will have to deal with people. I shared how his uncle, who is doing very well for himself, started off as an engineer, dealing with maths and physics. But now he is in management. And management involves leadership. And leadership involves people.

Social studies and history are, in their best form, all about relationships, all about people. No matter what you choose to do in life, eventually it will be all about people…and relationships.

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