Two are better than one…in ministry as well

My wife has journeyed with me at Inglewood for the last 20 years. She calls it ‘our little baby’ which has grown up.

She has served in just about every area of the church life. In the midst of conflict and pain…she was there. With the stress of financial pressure, she was there. When the service was magnificent and the spirit soared…she was there.

As I agonise over decisions, as I made really difficult decisions, she has listened, counseled and spoke prophetically into my life. I have learnt to listen to her, yet make my own decisions. Sometimes we disagree, but always we have the best interests of the church at heart.

Sometimes the church can feel like a mistress, taking me away from family, from my wife, distracting and dividing us. But its in those moments I need to remind us, it is Jesus’ church, not mine, not hers, not ours. It is His responsibility, its just under our care at the moment.

What an incredible support she is. I often share with pastoral peers that you can fail in ministry, but failing in marriage is far worse. In fact the two are tied.  For a pastor, more than perhaps any other ‘career’, your marriage and its health is vital for the safe and effective outworking of your ministry. If your marriage fails, so has your ministry.

I thank God for a wife who is not only supportive of me in the Pastorate, but more than that, has the same vision for the church that I do.

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