Facebook, adultery and it is a weird life isn’t it

In my young formative years as a boy growing up in Church, around the age of 10, I remember the most scandalous event occurring. An elder (I think) of the church I was attending, had an affair with one of the ladies of the church. They were disciplined and made to leave the church. I don’t know how long this process took, if it was appropriate, if they were unrepentant, I know nothing. I was 10.

I remember that a year or so later I heard (even as a 10 or less year old) that they had divorced their original partner and married each other. Now years later, like 30 years later, for whatever reason they pop up on my facebook feed. Obviously still happily married, and perhaps even in church and ministry. Its a funny old world isn’t it.

I’m not making any conclusions on this, judgement, or even speculating. I just the whole thing interesting. We know God’s grace is amazing. We know everyone is entitled to a fresh start, a new beginning. But we also know marriage is a beautiful covenant, promise for life. People make mistakes, and God forgives. And we get on with it.

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