The Eagles new slogan, quite typical really

At the start of the 2015 season the West Coast Eagles launched their season with the slogan, “The West is Ours”. It was met with some controversy, admittedly from the Fremantle faithful, who could hardly be expected to greet anything from the mob up the road with praise.

However the slogan in and of itself deserves some examination. Let us break it down.

The West: referring to Western Australia

Is Ours: A term of ownership referring to the West Coast Eagles.

Now there is another team in Western Australia. They reside in Fremantle, not, admittedly wherever West Coast reside. Presumably West Coast find their origins somewhere between Rockeby Road and latte-sipping land.

This is why this slogan is so obviously provocative, inflammatory and derisive of the rich history of the Dockers, who can claim football residence in this state going back to the early 1900’s with the formation of both Fremantle sides in the state league.

At the very least it is willfully ignorant. But more likely it is typical of the arrogance of this club which has always looked on Fremantle with derision.

One thought on “The Eagles new slogan, quite typical really”

  1. Even as a WCE fan and believing in every chance possible to put one up on anything Fremantle, this slogan left me cold and shaking my head. Will look very silly if Freo win the GF.

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