What a joke 2

Okay here is some facts to back up my rant yesterday, for people like Speedy Geoff

Games 22
Goals 41

compared to

Jeff Farmer

Games 20
Goals 52

Alan Didak has never won a hard ball get in his life, Jeff has been ferocious this year. Even Phil Matera agrees, and came out publicly yesterday to support him.

Nick Reivoldt
Named in the pocket (Hello? is there anyone in the All Australian Selection team who has ever seen him play in the forward pocket?)
Games 23
Goals 60


Matthew Pavlich
Named on the bench (Hello? Is there anyone in the All Australian selection team who has seen Fremantle play this year??)
Games 23
Goals 63

Reivoldt is a fine player, no doubt, but if you want to compare how he kicks for goal, and marks, with how Pavlich marks, chases and is the most accurate kick in the league, Nick will come up short.
Pavlich has a lot of endurance, Nick is often seen giving up the chase.
Besides that Nick is a sooky sooky la la.

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