Beach Driving in the Zook

This year at our annual get away we managed to get some good fishing in. It has not been great in years gone by, but this time we tried a different spot.
This spot was accessible only through some reasonably serious 4wd tracks and beach work.
One of the seriously important things to do is let the tyres down. Especially in the lighter Suzuki. Plenty of power, but not much weight in the body. That helps and hinders sand driving. A heavy Landcruiser will naturally ‘balloon’ out the tyres. The lighter Grand Vitara will not. So a tyre setting of around 15 made a huge difference. It helped the engine not work as hard as we ‘floated’ over the sand.
It was fun judging the tide as well. The particular beach we had to drive along for about 20 minutes before entering the bush track to get to our beach was chopped up, very light and airy soil. However near the water it was much harder. Problem was there was a significant bank of sand. So you had a choice. Drive near the water, where is was harder, or drive near the bush where the sand was really boggy. The only time you could drive near the water was when the tide was out sufficiently so you could access the harder stuff.
On the way back from one great fishing trip my friends Landrover went back before the rest of us. He got through, but in his own words ‘it was a bit dicey’ there for a while!

Lots of fun, fish and sand.




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