Worship for the rest of us

You may know the Seinfeld clip where Georges dad, Frank, explains his families tradition of ‘Festivus’, his made up celebration replacing Christmas. He feels out of his place at Christmas, like it does not include him, so he makes up his own.

I felt this way a little when attending large worship conferences, where churches with seemingly unlimited resources can make you feel like your average church is totally inadequate, unable to participate in worship. They don’t mean to, its just some churches live in a far different reality to average churches.

Our Church, Inglewood Community Church, has been through quite a journey in its worship. We have been through the worship wars, and more, and find ourselves in a pretty hopeful place. We feel part of our churches mission is to dispense hope and practical ideas to churches who are like us, average churches.

We are really excited to partner with Vose Leadership on this event. Michael and Monica O’Neil will both be presenting some excellent material at this conference as well as myself and Pastor Jess Magowan.

You can register here ‘Worship for the rest of us”.
Worship For The Rest of Us

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