Footy Season about to start

This will not be a deep post.

So many questions.

Will Pav play every week?

Will Johnsons back hold up?

How will Bennel go?

Will Fyfe win the Brownlow again?

Is this Freos year?

6 thoughts on “Footy Season about to start”

  1. Hey Roy, everyime I see you at Lakeside you are wearing Purple. Must be a secret obsession you have! (real men wear purple)

  2. I’m actually not a rabid eagles fan, they just happen to be my first team, with Dockers coming in second, but I love Dockers jokes and getting up you Dockers fans.
    And yes I do often wear a shirt that has some purple in it, but it’s a contractual thing.
    Go well Mark and I can even say Go Dockers!

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