Preaching, keep it fresh

Every 12 months I try to significantly change something about my sermon preparation. Two years ago I started handwriting.

I find it gives me greater focus on what I am writing. Its easy to cut and paste, and delete shuffle and write a lot without thinking if I use a keyboard.

Writing it out in full served me well for a long time. I wrote each word, each joke, even how I would say it.

Moving to handwriting my messages has forced me to really be careful what I write. It is too much effort to cut and paste without Control X!

This past month I have changed to writing less and less. I am actually having to force myself to delinate what is the real point of my message. Another interesting spin off is that I am forcing myself to be more reliant upon God. I am however also practicing the message more. My practice means I am looking up a lot more. If only because there is no safety blanket on the paper.

I am far less concerned with writing a ‘good sermon’. Now I want to preach what God wants me to, for this group of people, on this day. Study is needed. But prayer is needed more.

I do not recommend this method for preachers who are just starting out. For me this has been a growing thing. A way to keep me fresh. sermonprep

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