Walk across the room

Walk across the room
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I am reading Bill Hybels book at the moment, “Just walk across the room”.

The basic premise is that if we want to share our faith, we just need to walk across the room and share it. Everyone is on a spiritual journey, and our task is to help them with that, not dominate it, force our opinion down their throat, just share our own faith.
Bill Hybels has changed, or at least my perception of him has changed. His approach and encouragement is to be relational, incarnational now than what we had demonstrated to us in his past endevours. Age has brought with it wisdom.
I believe that we still need something to bring people to, but we need to be with them in order to do that.

At my niece’s birthday the other day I struck up a conversation with one of my sisters neighbours. Turns out he was a vietnam vet and his best friend was a ‘sky pilot’ or navy chaplain. His friend stepped on a land mine and was killed. This guy opened up his heart and just shared it with me, a divine moment. Thank God I seized it and shared with him about some of my story. I had to go, but could not pass up the opportunity to take that next step. So I asked him if he was a reader. He said he was so I asked him if I could send him a copy of “The Purpose Driven Life”. He said yes and I have done that with a note to call me if he ever wants to.
Hopefully I will meet him again some time.

This is basically what Bill’s book is about.
Jesus offers people the “good life”. A life of purpose and meaning. We are here to share this. We dont have to lead them in the sinners prayer right then and there, we just have to do our little part, just walk across the room.

I’ll let you know more about the book as I read through it.

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  1. G’day Mark,

    I agree. “Just Walk Across the Room” is a fresh take on the whole evangelism thing. I love Hybles story telling. It’s all about relationships. Let’s just do it.

    By the way – thanks for sending the DVD’s and CD’s. They arrived today.



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