I have heard from God

These are provocative words.
Does indeed God speak?
Recently I heard about a conversation with someone who was incredulous that anyone could believe in the virgin birth. The idea that Mary was ‘with child’ although never having had sex. It this age with science perhaps such a story is not so incredulous. However in 1st century Palestine such a story may and perhaps did provoke ridicule.

My answer was simply this. If God did indeed speak, and the universe came into being, then why would we logically question the virgin birth. Perhaps more pertinent to us today, why would we question that indeed God does speak to people today.

Perhaps is is when we see that people have indeed got it so wrong. They have said something so clearly unwise, or even whacky. But should this error prevent us from seeing the true?

I wonder if we have denied God’s voice as believers? If we might grieve the Spirit, quench the Spirit by not responding when God is calling? When we have not responded as we ought. When we might have been filled with knowledge, our culture, our biblical learning even, and crowded out that which God was seeking to say.

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