I am…..

When God introduced Himself to Moses He said of himself….I am.

Nothing more was needed. God is self evident. Go and tell them ‘I am’ sent you. This contains all the authority and power you need. My name is enough.

How do I describe myself? I know in my darkest moments it may be words such as ‘fraud’, ‘hopeless’, ‘mediocre’ or even ‘unloved’. At other moments I might use words that are more affirming, perhaps too affirming at times!

How would you describe yourself, perhaps not to me publicly, but in those dark moments of insecurity and doubt. Perhaps those moments are far more prevalent than you would like.

For me these moments can be confusing and need courage to come out of. What does God call me? What does He call you? Son, daughter, friend, saved, seated with Christ…..loved and known. These are designations we can take a holy confidence from. That God loves us, that He has the best for us, the best is yet to come.

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