Change the leader

I think there is great wisdom in the thought, change the leader……or change the leader.

I have been ministering at Inglewood Church for over 22 years. There has been so much change. It reminds me of the thought that we overestimate what we can change in 12 months, and underestimate what we can change in ten years. I am not thinking that we have changed as much, nor grown as much, as what I would have liked. However there has been great change, and for the better. And growth, and for the better.

What is pressing on my heart is the change I feel coming for myself, in myself. Because you either change the leader….or you change the leader. And I feel I need to change if our church is going to continue to change and grow. I cannot stay as I am, because I want a different result. We need different results.

There is nothing within me slowing down, in fact I feel I am about to speed up. Enter into a greater season of ‘fill’.  I pray my character grows along with my skill.

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