One Point

that’s the footy season over.
I copped some well deserved ribbing this morning at church, and managed to weave the GF into my children’s talk at church.

Well done weagles, after the dissapointment of losing both derbies this year, it was good to see them win something.

Worsfold, to his credit, coached well, probably outcoached Roo’s, with some creative and quick moves.

Barry Hall had a shocker, and probably was one of the reasons they lost, but Kerr and Embley played out of their skin.

Roll on 2007.
Brett Peake for Brownlow, Freo for Premiers.

6 thoughts on “One Point”

  1. You’re joking about Peake aren’t you. All he does is run. He can’t kick and has anyone seen him tackle or mark.
    How much does he need to get better than Goodes, Judd, Kerr, West etc.
    About 500% I reckon.

  2. 🙂
    Freo’s Brownlow votes for 2006

    15 Matthew Pavlich
    12 Josh Carr*
    10 Brett Peake

    He can’t kick? You have got to be joking. He is a better kick than Judd!!
    He will put a bit more weight on and become a more tackling player.

    I stand by my call, it may be a bit bold for next year, but he will win a Brownlow.

  3. what would have been interesting is to see a draw and then a re-match GF the following week.

    for sure kerr, judd and waters would have not played. swannies lost the GF, the wce didn’t win it

    what if, what if, what if… 🙂

    Freo ’07 FINALS READY!

  4. i hate west coast with a passion but one has to give credit where it’s due.. they are the premiers for 2006 and played well enough to win. i take some solace in the fact that they weren’t able to beat us this year

  5. I like Brett Peake – but he is NOT a better kick than Judd – infact it is the one thing most of the coaching staff and he himself acknowledges needs to improve!

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