Idle Confessions

Okay, I confess, I watch Australian Idol.
Every Sunday my wife loves it, and I have got sucked in, the drama, the anger at Mark Holden’s dribble. Marcia being sickeningly nice.
Is it just me, or is the quality of this years singers far better than years gone by?
Here is my rundown on the contestants left after Youth Alive singer and committed Christian “Mutto” was voted out (TAB odds follow)
Dean Geyer – Pretty boy, not a great singer, but makes good choices in regard to song selection. 15 year old girls who actually vote might get him over the line.
Damien Leith – Great singer
Jessica Mauboy – Great voice, not the best perfomer, but likeable
Bobby Flynn – Unique artist, judges love him. I like him too, but I probably would not buy his album. I think he will win, and be a worthy winner.
Lisa Mitchell – Waif like folk singer, talented, young, niave, cant see her winning
Chris Murphy – Excellent performer. Wont win, not pretty enough, but by far my favourite contender and a considerably better singer and performer than his brother
Lavina Williams – Good singer, don’t really connect with her, and can’t see her making it much further
Ricky Muscat – Will survive for a little longer on 15 year old girl vote

4 thoughts on “Idle Confessions”

  1. marky, marky, marky – what are you doing watching idol 🙁

    well if you have to watch it, then fine — pls don’t tell me you vote for them also 😛

    i guess you are suffering from lacking-afl-docker-syndrome 🙂

  2. I voted for the first time this year… however I felt it more to supporting a friend – yet still felt weird spending a bit of money on a TV show.

    Well now Mutto’s out I really don’t have any interest at all. And I found it much easier to watch individual performances of YouTube than try and watch the whole shows on Sunday nights.

  3. a sex and sensitive christian is WAY hard to resist. i heard on that he goes to planetshakers city church in melbourne 😛 lol. mannn i wish i went there 😛 lol!

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