Wayne’s World

Recently received (i before e, except after c) an email from my good mate Wayne who is the pastor at Australind Baptist Church. He sends out a periodic news email to his congregation and friends of the church. Very good communication, and keeps the vision and culture of the church at the forefront.
What a challenge Wayne has been to me, and an exhortation. Some pastors seem to have been able to quickly grasp the necessary principles and be professional in their approach to ministry. With the Church that he is now leading, and with the ministries they are involved in, they are fighting well out of their weight division. There is no ‘fat’ in their budget or in their other resources, yet they are having a wonderful impact on their community. Google in “Australind Baptist Church” and you will find references to their church all over community websites, because they are out in the community doing a great job.

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