Hey Charger! Valiant men!

Tonights Valiant Man course was great! We had a good group of blokes turn up, including one from our Toddler Jam Ministry. Next week there are three more coming as well, which will mean we have two decent size small groups of about 6/7 each.

Allan Meyer was challenging, interesting and made you want to sign up and come back for more. We had to sign forms which were like a covenant, good stuff actually, set the boundaries for good and healthy, and open group discussion.

The Ginger Beer was recieved well too.
Everyone seems to like the product from Bundaberg.

4 thoughts on “Hey Charger! Valiant men!”

  1. mmmmmm

    good question Terry,

    we talked about beer, and actually that is my preference,

    but there were some guys uncomfortable with it being consumed in the church building.

    And I believe in not causing offence unneceserily.

    We have had bbc events with alcohol involved, and not had problems. Its a case of being sensitive to each event and the people involved.

  2. As the token Queenslander may I say I usually choose a Bundy Ginger beer over almost any drink…

    Go for the flavour, the refreshment, and ignor the fact that it may or may not have alcohol in it…

    I enjoy a beer at times, but i’ve come to see most people, including Christians, choose the beer or spirit mix because it is alcoholic…

    is it an image thing, or because by some it can be seen as rebel-like to drink beer at a ‘Christian event’?

  3. Mark I understand the dilemma and no Jarrol it’s not just an image thing.
    And by the way I love Bundaberg ginger beer. I just think that it sends a message that we’re not quite game enough to drink beer…but we will look like we do (stubby bottle and all)
    Secondly it infers that the church building is holy ground and can begin the inculturation that we are different on campus to off campus.
    I’d much prefer beer or wine to be available but for guests to see that it’s ok to choose Ginger Beer or to drink responsibly.

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