You are my sunshine

Daylight saving in Western Australia is a step closer to reality.
The Labor and Liberal parties have agreed to a free vote on the issue.
It is understood Labor MPs have voted in favour of a three year trial, starting on December 1 this year. The trial would be followed by a referendum.

YES! And not before time,

faded curtains here we come 🙂

Seriously though, great news for an evening person like me.

4 thoughts on “You are my sunshine”

  1. thank goodness common sense is finally about to become reality.. daylight saving totally rocks and it’s about time wa embraced it. having lived in london for 3 years and seen what a benefit daylight saving is on a lifestyle i’m all for it.

  2. Listening briefly to the radio this morning, there was a lot of myth and piffle about why not to have it. I think it’s great. Personally, I struggle with the early morning rises that the sun enforces in my household. Shifting the daylight to the other end of the day (which will make no difference to bed times) will be a real plus.

  3. tho i don’t argee with it and i will be ‘one of those’ who’ll have a quiet word to my member of parliment.

    a trial is fair enough considering the NO voters have had their way for some time.

    no doubt the end result will be a NO, similar to NO to extended shopping hours last wa govt election

    i look forward to getting up at 3AM instead of 4AM for work 🙁

  4. Now we just need the same thing in Qld

    The government has just decided they’ll do a study to see if a referendum is wanted.

    then we can vote yes or no!

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