2007 Year of the Docker Post Two

Can you imagine a forward line with
Pavlich, Tarrant, Farmer, Ryan Murphy
Then Longmuir and Sandilands dropping back when needed?

Seriously who is going to get the oppositions best defender??
Can you imagine being a 2nd or third string defender are finding yourself up against Tarrant??

3 thoughts on “2007 Year of the Docker Post Two”

  1. It depends. If I came up against him in the pub I’d be worried.
    On the footy field I’d just let him go walkabout.

    Evven though the season’s over the fighting continues!

  2. As hard as it is to admit being an devout Eagles fan…it does look a pretty daunting forward line.

    I think the key will be getting them all to play with each other. That will take a bit of time to settle out roles.

    The big positive is that is one player is done on form. Others can step.

    Oh boy did I make a positive comment about the Dockers. I better go and lie down 😉

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