Criticism of churches and other Christians

Recently a couple of well known bloggers have been asking the question about critiquing the church. I sometimes feel like I am hijacking their threads, so rather than do that, here are some of my thoughts. They are not meant to be a reflection on those guys, who I have the utmost respect for and count as friends.

Humbleness is the quickest way to get close to God, pride/self righteousness is the quickest way to get closer to the other guy.

God has given us incredible grace, freely give as it has been given to us

Dont throw out the good with the bad. For instance Hillsong has it problems, think them up yourself, but it has also had an incredibly positive effect on contemporary church, in helping us to work together, be relevant etc.
When critiquing, remember what they are doing that is really good

Ask yourself the queston, do I need to get a life? In other words am I worrying about what such and such is doing while my neighbour is going to a Christless eternity. Is it worth your time, the time God has given us? Try this exercise. Google some well known Christian leader. Find out how many people are wasting time energy and probably money that could be better spent trying to help someone find Christ.

If you are going to critique, have the courage and integrity to do what Jesus did and told us to do. Go to the person and speak to them face and face. The internet has become a wondeful tool in the hands of gutless wonders.

One thought on “Criticism of churches and other Christians”

  1. Mark, you make some excellent points. I think, as a pastor, we do have to help our people discern between right and wrong teachings, and unfortunately the higher profile churches are, in this respect, more visible (although I try to play the ball (doctrine), not the man). But that’s not the same as slagging off individuals, and you’re absolutely right about the use of the internet. Would some people be willing to say to Brian Houston face to face what they say about him on the net?

    It’s even worse when Christians pick up on something SBS said about them! Like that’s a bastion of truth and righteousness!

    Any critique at least needs to be respectful.

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