Rethinking Mothers Day in Churches

The truth is most of us love our mothers and literally owe our lives to them. There is also a general sentiment that mothers act sacrificially and lovingly to their children. Raising them with grace and provision. A day to celebrate them and their positive influence in our lives seems appropriate. Churches have embraced this culture and most make special mention of mothers during a Mothers Day service with gifts, special photos, videos and many even speak to their influence during the sermons.

This year was no exception. However I must admit the unease I am beginning to feel. There are many women for whom mothers day is a reminder of what they have not been blessed with. As we celebrate mothers and single them out in church it brings to their mind a sense of inadequacy, that somehow they are less than what they should be. Other women, and men, may reflect on their experience of a mother. She may have been absent, violent and just plain mean. This week one lady shared with me how her mother had abandoned the family at a young age. Others shared with me that they stayed away from Church at Mothers Day because it is all just too much for them.

At Inglewood Church this year we certainly did what we could to navigate what is for some a  conflicted and difficult day . I spent some time coming out of our praise and worship just praying for those for whom this is a painful day. I cannot possibly understand the depth of some emotions, pain and lack. We also distributed a small gift for all the women not necessarily singling out the mums. Womanhood is a gift from God, no matter whether the blessing of children come or whether it doesn’t.

I suppose all I am saying is in the midst of celebrating all that is good, we also are aware of all that is not.

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