Rock Music

Love this quote from the Age

“Peter Miles, who presents a Sunday morning gospel music program on 3PBS, points out that church-based singers have been crossing over into mainstream popular music for more than a generation. “A lot of mainstream music borrows from gospel music without knowing about it,” he says.
“I think gospel music, more than most people recognise, is a foundation for mainstream rock music.”
But where performers such as Elvis Presley borrowed from gospel to create a new sound, the pendulum now swings in the other direction, with church-based musicians borrowing from rock’n’roll to make their songs more palatable to a young audience, he says. “Contemporary Christian artists do all sorts of stuff. Christian death metal, bluegrass, reggae, funk …”
In 2005, Woodlands Media estimated that the Christian music market in Australia in the previous 12 months was responsible for 5.6 per cent of local music sales, with a value of $540 million. Jay says the Christian music market remains strong, which, given falling sales in all other sectors, could be evidence that it is growing in popularity”

GO Church!!

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2 thoughts on “Rock Music”

  1. i was interested to see what you’d say under that heading as i remember well your dad’s view on rock music (him throwing an inxs tape out the van window on the way home from a youth event in the mid 80s still makes me laugh). i also still smile at the memory of your copy of ‘back in black’ by ac/dc having the title covered up by tape so your dad wouldn’t see what you were listening to.. he he

  2. now you letting all my secrets out!!

    I wonder what Dad would have thought of TNT being played after every Dockers win this season at Subi!!

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