Stats, lies and more stats…. who are you?

Recently I installed a free stat counter on my bog, visible only to me.
A little bit of a test to see if I was rambling to the breeze, although the diversity of people commenting on this blog suggests otherwise.
Who on earth are the 70 or so people who visited the blog on Saturday?
Monday morning apears to be a popular time as well, with about 50 unique hits.
I know this is only a very small blog, but is is nice to see so many people visiting it.
If you visit, and feel compelled, leave a comment, don’t be shy!
Also, if you are a Pastor, I would love you to visit my other project,
the Aussie Pastors Blog.

2 thoughts on “Stats, lies and more stats…. who are you?”

  1. Does the counter tell you what search terms or website referrals sent people to your site? That can be most enlightening.

  2. That is some pretty good stats. There might actually be more people who view it via RSS feed software that don’t show in your stats too!

    Just so you know. I found you through Rodney’s blogroll (above comment)and have been following for a month or two.

    Thanks also for the Aussie Pastors blog address. That has been good reading too. I have added your site and Ra’ah to my blogroll.

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