Ted Haggard pre controversy

Be careful what you say.

3 thoughts on “Ted Haggard pre controversy”

  1. I don’t hold out much hope – but is there any chance this thing could help the Church Evangelical to put sexual relations, supporting extreme right wing politicians, and protecting embroys that they have been happy to see killed for 20 or more years now in IVF programs, into some sort of reasonable perspective?

    As a pastor don’t you think that the Church might be better off chanelling some of this passion and effort into a proper perspective on the scale of life and perhaps focus on loving our neighbours and spreading the ‘word’ (John 1).

  2. I dont know a lot about Haggard, but what I knew before this incident was positive.
    He wrote an excellent book, “dog training, fly fishing and sharing Christ in the 21st century”

    I would not have put him in the same league as Falwell and his right wing crew.

    Having said that, I agree with the fact that as Churches we should have as our first priority loving our neighbours, by this they will know we are Disciples. Not by our moralising and political agendas.

    Hamo makes an excellent point on his blog, that very often the thing we passionately protest about, is the sin we struggle with ourselves!!

  3. I only knew he and Pres Bush agreed about everything except about which truck was the best, and that he was head of the Evangelical Movement in the US (so more important than the scarry Falwell and Dobson).

    It is hard to find better indicators or dangerously right wing.

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