Ipod to go the way of 8 Track

Ipod this, ipod that.
Apple’s Ipod is the market leader of music players at the moment.
Trendy, stylish, easy to use, and trendy.

However consider this.
It has very limited transferability to other platforms
It only does one thing, or maybe two if you counnt playing videos.

Sony have introduced a mobile phone which is also a great Mp3 player.
My PDA is a smartphone and plays video and most audio files. It also has an expandable memory slot.

This means I only have to carry one instrument to do all those tasks.
I cant see the Ipod’s sales domination lasting more than another 3 or 4 years, unless something dramatic changes about the product.

5 thoughts on “Ipod to go the way of 8 Track”

  1. 3 or 4 years is a very long time in techo-gadget land. I think you’re right – iPod can’t last longer than that without a drastic change, but then, neither can any gadgets. The lifecycle of products in the tech-world has been getting shorter and shorter all the time, so another 3 or 4 years of domination would be a collosal acheivement.

  2. Hey Mark what phone/pda do you have? do you use it as your diary? and what is your average monthly bill?
    I’m up for a new phone and just exploring options for doing away with by paper diary aswell, but I don’t want to spend a fortune.

  3. My mate gave me his o2.
    He upgrades every 3 months or so!!
    Its briliant, its my diary, contact list, bible, media player
    I sync it with my desktop calender as well. I bought a 512mg memory card as well, and carry about 100 songs on it, and videos as well
    I am on a $49 a month plan, which gives me more calls than I ever use. aapt are great, for internet access as well

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