I love the different seasons. Observing farming activity, harvest, planting, fallow times.

It reminds me that there is purpose and reason for the different parts of life. In ministry I believe we can be in different seasons, and it is helpful and wise to read those seasons.

We can declare a season, we can have a season declared over us, and God can take us to a season or through a season.

For myself, God is taking me through a season where many of the aspects of ministry life that are beyond my immediate focus I am divesting myself off. Leading Pastors Conference, being a part of the GLS, mentoring, consulting and a number of other activities.

I am aware that who I am is not identified by what I do. God is taking me back to my basic faith, and my own church ministry. Sometimes I have allowed extra ministry to help define my self worth. We are never motivated by entirely pure motives. There is always a mix. Altruistic motives, from God, from our history, to make us feel self worth, to help others. This is not judgemental of myself or others. Just reality.

The season I am in is one of focus. Of putting aside those things which while good, are not helpful in this season for me. I am sure I will throw myself back into the fray. But for now I am focused on what is in front of me.

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