We have three main computers at work, plus my laptop.
A technically minded guy at the church has just set up the wireless network for me.
Its unbelievable. Seriously I reckon I have gained about two hours on Friday. What I mean is this. I can prepare all the videos and services on my office computer, while doing other work on my laptop while the office computer is ‘rendering’ files. All cpmputers are online.

I then simply go across to the presentation computer which is in the auditorium. Grab the files from the ‘shared folder” on either the laptop or office computer, and off I go.
I probably have not described this well, but what it means is that I can share files on every computer in the church, and share printers as well. A video file over 200meg, which meant I would normally have to waste a cdrom burning it to transfer, or try to compress it to fit on my 128meg usb drive, is now transferred between pc at the touch of a mouse.

The guy that set it up is a management type, with a stressful job with long hours, so I can’t mention his name!! But he knows who he is, THANKS!

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