Facing the Giants

This is a pretty amazing story.

Alex Kendrick teamed with his brother Stephen to write Facing the Giants. The cast is comprised of volunteers from Sherwood Baptist Church, located in Albany Georgia. , as well as others from the surrounding area. The Kendricks hired five film pro’s to fill the technical positions on the motion picture. Church members and community volunteers helped to keep production costs down by supplementing the professional crew.
This very ordinary church has made a movie with a budget of $100, 000.
The kicker to the story?

The film has grossed over $5,000,000 as of late October, 2006.
The film is maintaining a respectable $2,400 per theater average in its third week after release. Opening weekend’s average was over $3,000 per theater, grossing over $1,300,000.
The church made the film to portray the gospel in a contemporary way, hoping to show it in the local theatres!!!!
Here is something from the Rotten Tomatoes site,
“I have to say, that in an age of super budgeted feature films where most come and go in a couple of weeks after tanking, Facing The Giants outshines and out classes a large majority of those Hollywood giants. Maybe that’s another message the film makers didn’t intend to be communicated through their film but is there anyway. Watch out Hollywood. If you won’t make family friendly films which portray Christian people in a positive, realistic way, then they will. And people will come and spend their money to see them”

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