In Between

It has been a while between blog posts.

After 28 years of ministry at Inglewood Community Church, 25 of which were as Senior Pastor, my season at the church is rapidly coming at a close. My wife and I sense quite strongly that our season here is complete. Not in the sense of being perfect, but in the sense that we are finished.

During a time of Long Service Leave earlier on in the year we both prayed and sought God and it become obvious that the disentanglement needed to begin. I can truly say it has been wonderful. You forget all the strain and broken relationships. The conflict. People ghosting you. You try to forget your own mistakes and missteps in leadership.

I can say that I have always loved the church and given myself to it. I have not given up. Even when problems of my own doing occurred, I apologised, brushed myself off and moved on. There have been some very troublesome people in church. For whatever reason the power of influence in a church is attractive to some. There have been others who have died, moved state, and moved on for good reason. I think if everyone who had been a part of the church during my ministry was still there, we would need a much bigger building and multiple services! I am a highly relational person. My strength and my weakness.

My prayer life and general resiliance has kept me going. As has the unwavering support, love and skill of my wife. Along with some amazing staff and volunteers.

Where to next? In Genesis 12 God asked Abraham to leave, and go to a place He would show him. In my life the leaving has always come before the showing. God has never seemed to take my comfort as seriously as I wish. Right now there is some anxiety we are dealing with. A wonder if we have what it takes, and if God thinks we have what it takes.

It is the in-between season. Appreciate your prayers.

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