Mc Gill

I know he is not fashionable, but I would love to see Stuart Mc Gill get a cap for the upcoming test in Adelaide. You have to feel for the guy, who would be a walk up start for any other team in the world.

As well as that, he has managed to keep his private life just that. He also seems to be an intelligent and well versed commentator on many topics. I especially aprreciated the stand he took with the Zimbabwe tour.

“MacGill is the first Australian to tell selectors he could not in good conscience tour Zimbabwe since its cricket union imposed a new selection policy that’s seen 13 white players refuse to play in protest” Story

He is also a proven wicket taker, often achieving breakthroughs when other players havestruggled. With the Poms starting to stand up for themselves, and with the Test at Cricket friendly Adelaide, I’m hoping he gets a call up.

2 thoughts on “Mc Gill”

  1. love Mcgill, think he is an awesome character and player. Strangely he copped alot of flack about his stance on Zimbabwe, people saying he should focus on cricket and forget the politics, you know, keep his personal opinions private…he must be arrogant to think to impose his beliefs on others like that. 😉

    I sat down to watch a few overs this morning before going to work and my power went out just after Lee got that first wicket. So i went to work early, happy Pietersen was out, but sad i couldn’t see a few more wickets fall.

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